Our Services

Cold Laser Treatment 

A new and exciting method of treatment that uses the latest in non-invasive technology.  We use the MLS Harmony laser from Cutting Edge Laser Technologies. With this system, we can treat chronic pain and arthritis and many other ailments.  Surgical sites can experience a 20-40% decrease in healing time using cold laser treatment.  Learn more at http://vet.celasers.com/therapy-small/.


Using tried and true methods, Dr. Redden can use these modalities to determine if your animal will need surgery and how involved the procedure may be.


From the mundane to the complicated, Dr. Redden can complete many surgeries that may be required for the overall health of your animal.


Fido need a new do? Scruffy need cleaned up? Come on in for a groom and we’ll get your furry family member shiny and clean. We offer breed specific grooms or any custom cut you’d like.


Going out of town? Leave your pet with us and forget about the hassle of hiring a pet sitter.  Your animal will be in our safe and secure facility.  We offer hands on care for your loved ones and we provide all of the necessities (food, water and bedding).  Your pet will be looked after as if it were our own.